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Surfer Dudes Legends - Laguna Luna & Astra

Surfer Dudes Legends - Laguna Luna & Astra

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  • Award winning surf toy - Just toss it into the waves and watch them go! The perfect beach toy for outdoor fun
  • Patented self righting design means they catch a wave every time! The ultimate mini-surfer
  • The perfect beach gift comes with gnarly graphics, super cool pet, fin key and an unsinkable board
  • No batteries needed. Some assembly required. For Ages 6 and up


    Legendary explorer of the seas. Fascinated when she saw people surfin’ on waves above her when off Laguna Beach; had to figure out how to surf. Her life changed when she found a copy of Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis. Traveled to Bensalem but found little surf in Pennsylvania. Headed for Hawaii, befriended Astra, a local unicorn on Maui. Fortunately, Astra knew where they could find some longboards, and together, they learned to surf. Found the North Shore a bit challenging; Luna and Astra prefer gentle sloping beaches all around the world.

    • Mantra “Always aim to have fun in the water, even if you’re just flapping about”
    • Home Break Atlantis
    • Fave Surf Spot Gentle sloping beaches with long rolling surf
    • Bust Out Move “I’m a mermaid and can do ’em all!”
    • Fuels up on Plankton, seaweed, and when Astra returns from a bakery on land, clam cookies!
    • Best Surf Memory Surfing by moonlight
    • Best Beach Buds My unicorn Astra, Mako P.I., Aussie Alice, and Hossegor Hank
    • When Not Surfing Rescuing those lost at sea, telling tall “tails” about it, especially on her shell phone with Mako P.I.
    • Advice for Groms “Respect our oceans and don’t forget to come up and breathe!”